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Modern life is becoming more and more complicated. Ever busier, the average person spends less time looking after themselves. Let Us  take the stress out of managing your medicines, or the medicines of a loved one. Anyone who regularly organises a  weekly medicines tray realises how time consuming it is to complete it every week

What is PillPacPlus?

PillPacPlus is a new way to think about managing medication in the UK and Ireland. With a combination of the latest technologies already used across the world, experienced pharmacists and simple packaging we have created a new way for patients and their carers to manage their medication – it’s simpler, it’s safer…it’s better.

Your medication sorted

We take your prescriptions and organise them by day and time in simple tear off sachets.

We double-double check

We double check everything the robot does by physically checking every sachet manufactured.

Pop in and collect

After a quality control check we’ll get in touch and you can collect your box.

Repeat Prescriptions & Support

We can help with re-ordering and managing the order process with your doctor. Our pharmacists are available via email or phone if you need any help.

Are you taking the right medications at the right time in the right combination…EVERY TIME? Simplify your medication schedule with our PillPacPlus. This is a unique sachet system where we take your prescriptions and using our special robot to organize them by day & time in easy-to-use tear off sachets. In order to handle your medication schedule properly, our Pharmacist will work with you to manage dose changes.

We use a combination of highly trained pharmacist and the very best packaging technology to improve your medication management. We have created a new way for all patients to get the most out of their medication. If you are interested in this service or want to enquire further follow the steps below.

  1. Register your interest Click on the registration form below, email info@bellaghypharmacy.co.uk  or telephone Bellaghy Pharmacy on 02879 386649 Speak to any of our staff who will arrange for the pharmacist to talk you through the process
  2. Creating your personal plan We will talk through your prescriptions and together work out a plan for managing your medication. This allows us to tailor your sachets to fit round your everyday life.
  3. Creating your sachets We enter your treatment plan onto our system and our robot will generate your sachets in line with your treatment plan. The sachets are filled, labelled and sealed with your medication inside.
  4. Your PillPacPlus Box After your sachets are checked, the sachet roll is put into your recyclable box with your agreed course of medication. We’ll contact you to let you know when your medication is ready or organise delivery with you.
  5. Re-ordering your medication When your medication is coming near to the end we’ll check with you that no changes have been made by the doctor. If there’s been no change we’ll work directly with your GP so you don’t have to do a thing

PillPacPlus at Bellaghy Pharmacy, making medication simple.

PillPacPlus puts your medication in easy to use tear off sachets so you get the right medication at the right time.

Registration  Form for Pillpac Plus
PillPacPlus Registration

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